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Windtower Lodge & Suites Management is the Owner management agent established in August 2012 in accordance with the bylaws of the Condominium Corporation to assist the Board in professionally managing the Windtower Lodge & Suites.

Windtower maintains memberships with the Canadian Condominium Institute (CCI), the Association of Condominium Managers of Alberta (ACMA) and the Canmore Chamber of Commerce, Alberta Hotels & Lodging Association, Hotel Association of Canada and Better Business Bureau. Our employees' work closely with the Board to ensure that they are operating within the scope of the Alberta Condominium Property Act, the by-laws of Condominium Corporation and its associated agreements, rules and regulations.

Mission Statement

  • To provide quality property management services to our Owners, Vacation Unit guests, residential rentals and commercial properties.
  • Through our concerned managers, we strive to protect and enhance the investment made by our Owners in the Windtower by ensuring that their properties are safe, secure and well   maintained. When an Owner turns the key to their condominiums over to us, we strive to have them feel a sense of pride, comfort and safety.
  • We will treat our owners and guests with respect, kindness and understanding, recognizing that their properties are not just buildings but are their homes and a substantial investment.
  • We will deal honestly and fairly with all suppliers of service, valuing their expertise and knowledge in their chosen fields.
  • We will provide our staff competitive wages, benefits and with education and support so they can enjoy their career of choice in a healthy and rewarding work environment.
  • In carrying out our mission, we seek to ensure that all who walk through our doors have enjoyable stay and our owners are enriched financially and personally.


Windtower was developed by a company called Canmore Condominium Projects Inc. a subsidiary of Standens Limited of Calgary. 

Windtower opened its doors in May of 2002 and was developed from the very beginning into two distinct groups of Owners.   However, all Owners of our 165 units are equal members in Condominium Corporation, pay monthly Condo fees and their use and ownership is governed by a set of bylaws.  All of these condo owners meet at an Annual General Meeting.  It is at here a Board of Directors is elected.

The Vacation Unit Owners that own units on floors one and two pool their units into a Rental Pool, which is managed by the Owners’ management company.  The Rental Pool is created through a Joint Venture agreement whereby the 105 rooms and suites operate as hotel units under the banner of Windtower Lodge & Suites.  A copy of this agreement is available on the documents page.  These owners also have use of a unit for a specific number of days per year depending on their ownership factor.

Floors three and four are residential condominiums and used as either the permanent residence of the Owner or they may choose to lease the unit to another party for any period over six months. 

Windtower Management is proud to serve our Owners and guests.

Our Board

Stephen Dantzer (President) - Stephen lives in Calgary and is an owner of a Condominium unit.  He is very recently retired as the Associate Vice-President, Facilities Development at the University of Calgary.   Stephen graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor in Industrial Design and had been with the U of C since 1999.  While there are no plans for another building at Windtower, his experience is very valuable as we look at a new life cycle cost plan for the HVAC systems and updating our Reserve Fund.  Stephen and his wife Judy enjoy the “Canmore experience” as often as possible.

Steve Kopke (Vice President) - Originally from South Africa, Steve came to Canada just over 6 years ago. He has worked in the financial sector for 20 years after completing his education and military service in the Air Force; he is an Account Manager with one of Canada’s “Top Five” and specializes in small business banking.  He has served in many different roles in the finance and banking sector ranging from admin and legal, to management and sales. Within these roles he has also represented major financial institutions with real estate purchases, sales and foreclosures.  Steve lives at the Windtower.   He is married and enjoys fishing and outdoor activities as well as flying.

Stephen Dantzer (Secretary) - Stephen lives in Calgary and is an owner of a Condominium unit.  He is the Associate Vice-President, Facilities Development at the University of Calgary, a graduate of Carleton University with a Bachelor of Industrial Design and has been with the U of C since 1999.  While there are no plans for another building at Windtower, his experience is going to very valuable this year as we look at a new life cycle cost plan for the HVAC systems and updating our Reserve Fund.  Stephen and his wife enjoy the “Canmore experience” as often as possible.

Francis Ziegler - Francis is an owner of a Vacation unit and was born and still lives in Calgary. He retired from Amoco Canada Petroleum in 1996. He has extensive experience in financial accounting, as well as business administration, building maintenance and Condo Reserve Studies. He is currently serving for the past 10 years on a hotel condominium board in Maui. He and his wife own a Hotel Unit and enjoy staying at the Windtower. 

Three other Owners are continuing their term of two years, to bring the total Board membership to seven, and include:

Stephen Law (Treasurer) - Stephen lives in Calgary and has owned several Vacation units since the beginning of the project.  He was a founding member which consists of several companies engaged in real estate investment, development, brokerage, and property management in several countries.  He graduated with Honours from the University of Hong Kong in Civil Engineering in 1974 and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering. He is a registered professional engineer in Ontario and Alberta as well as China and the United Kingdom. He immigrated with his family to Canada in of the Hotel Board and served on both Boards in many capacities.   Stephen is the founder and CEO of GSL group of Calgary, 1987 and in 1991 he moved from Ontario to Alberta.  His company has over 15 major developments in the Calgary Area.

Jim Goodwin -  Jim is an owner of a Condominium unit but lives in Calgary.   Jim graduated in 1969, from the School of Architecture at University of British Columbia and in 2009 was nominated by his Peers from all across Canada and duly appointed to become a fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada.  His first job after graduating was with the planning dept. at the U of C and eventually moved to Cohos Evamy partners. Now Jim is a principal partner in the company DIALOG, an architectural firm which includes several international architectural companies including Cohos Evamy partners.  In his time at Cohos Evamy, Jim has been the lead architect on 22 provincial hospitals from Athabasca to the Crowsnest Pass.

Management & Employees

Management Team

Bob Ward, Managing Director and GM (local 529)
Kristopher Belleperche, Manager Business Development (508)
Emi Kitai, Manager, Accounting
Brittany Persey, Administrative Assistant
Windtower Management Staff Listing

Bob Ward
Managing Director
Phone:  403-609-6600 - Ext. 529
Fax:  403-609-6666
Cell Phone: 403-493-0741

Emi Kitai
Manager, Financial Services
E-Mail Address:
Phone:  403-609-6600 - Ext. 508
Fax:  403-609-6666
Cell Phone:

866.609.6600 403.609.6600