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Windtower is a self-managed property.  The management team is comprised of trained and qualified staff who are experienced in their management area.  Many have worked at Windtower for years so they understand the property. 

The Condo Corporation owns the management company which is to function exclusively at Windtower and is not structured to manage other properties.  This arrangement allows Board members to connect directly with management unlike 3rd party contractors.  Over the 12 years of operation the Condo Corporation has had three management companies, none of which has been a positive experience.

The management company is not paid any dividends, fees, profits or other benefits; it operates on a cost basis.  We work closely with the Board to ensure that they are operating within the scope of the Alberta Condominium Property Act, the Condominium Corporation by-laws and regulations.   The company is registered with the Canada Revenue Agency, Alberta Treasury and other licensing authorities.   

Our business model allows managers and staff to have a vested interest in the property given they work directly for the corporation.

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