ATV Tours Abound

With the snow long gone, the mud is here and the trails are calling! Spring might mean the end of some activities but it’s the best time to go on an ATV tour. ATV’s (also called Quads) go where cars can’t and hit the trails better than even a snowmobile.

ATV tours allow you to explore nature while going on a thrilling ride at the same time, showing off the best that nature has to offer. Tours can vary from mild to moderate terrain giving both novice and expert skill levels a range of options. Tours can run from 2 to 5 hours across the Albertan foothills (and you had better be prepared to get dirty as the spring often means splashing through the mud and water).

This is an adventure the whole family can take part in and an incredible way to see the Rocky Mountains. If you are looking to save a little money, double up! Two adults can ride on one ATV. Passengers, however, must be 12 years of age and drivers must hold a valid Class 5 drivers license.

Canmore Quad Tours offers local guided tours with several options for experience levels and distances. For more information visit The photo opportunities on this adventure will be endless, so don’t miss out!