Canmore Caverns

Tap into your inner Indiana Jones or live out your childhood dream of being a member of the Goonies. Become a real life explorer in the Canmore Caverns. Spelunking is one of the most popular attractions in the Rocky Mountains and Canmore is home to one of the best cavern systems in the Canadian Rockies. Nestled into the Grotto Canyon is Rats Nest Cave, a 4 km long cavern system.

The cavern system’s limestone base has been etched and carved over hundreds of thousands of years from glacial melt leaving behind an explorer’s playground. While touring the caves explorers are likely to see fossils, animal bones, calcite formations and pools of crystal clear water.

The cave tours include a 30-minute hike up a mountain trail to the entrance where guides take you on a through the underground world. No matter what the weather outside is, once you venture into the cave it’s a cool 5 degrees Celsius year round.

There are two options for cave tours through Canmore Caverns. The Explorer Tour is 4.5 hours with approximately 2.5 hours underground. Those wishing to delve deeper have the option of the Adventure Tour, a 6 hour expedition with 4 hours underground. The Adventure tours also features an 18 meter plus rappel into darkness, the ultimate experience for adrenalin junkies.

This is an activity for the more adventurous and can be done year round. No experience is necessary but visitors should be aware that this exploration includes climbing, crawling and squeezing throughout the cave. Spelunking materials will be provided but comfortable clothing is recommended.

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