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Windtower Lodge & Suites Management is the Owner Management Agent established in August 2012 in accordance with the bylaws of the Condominium Corporation to assist the Board in professionally managing the Windtower Lodge & Suites.

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Our mission is to provide quality property management services to our Owners, Vacation Unit guests, residential rentals and commercial properties.

Through our concerned managers, we strive to protect and enhance the investment made by our Owners in the Windtower by ensuring that their properties are safe, secure and well maintained. When an Owner turns the key to their condominiums over to us, we strive to have them feel a sense of pride, comfort and safety.

We will treat our owners and guests with respect, kindness and understanding, recognizing that their properties are not just buildings but are their homes and a substantial investment.

We will deal honestly and fairly with all suppliers of service, valuing their expertise and knowledge in their chosen fields. As much as possible we support local businesses and suppliers first.

We will provide our staff competitive wages, benefits and with education and support so they can enjoy their career of choice in a healthy and rewarding work environment.

In carrying out our mission, we seek to ensure that all who walk through our doors have enjoyable stay and our owners are enriched financially and personally.

Windtower Canmore Real Estate History

Opening its doors in May of 2002, Windtower was developed from the very beginning into two distinct groups of Owners. All Windtower owners of our 165 units are equal members in Condominium Corporation, pay monthly Condo fees and their use and ownership is governed by a set of bylaws. These condo owners meet at an Annual General Meeting; it is at here where a Board of Directors is elected.

The Vacation Unit Owners that own units on floors one and two pool their units into a Rental Pool, which is managed by the Owners' management company. The Rental Pool is created through a Joint Venture agreement whereby the 105 rooms and suites operate as hotel units under the banner of Windtower Lodge & Suites. A copy of this agreement is available on the documents page. These owners also have use of a unit for a specific number of days per year depending on their ownership factor.

Floors three and four are residential condominiums and used as either the permanent residence of the Owner or they may choose to lease the unit to another party for any period over 30 days. As proscribed in the condominium bylaws, short-term rentals are not permitted in the residential units.

Windtower Management is proud to serve our Owners and guests.